About us

Lel Pel Who?


 Hello and welcome to our small studio with Thunder, my name is Eleftherios Peladis (Short Lef Pel). 

 Borned & bred in Thessaloniki (Greece), there are sources of inspiration constantly at my fingertips. Part of my method is just to go for a walk with Thunder (My Labrador), enjoy the nature & city. It is important for me as an artist that I am involved in every step of the process. From the inception of the idea, the sourcing of materials, and the final product. 

 I am focused to make each artwork special-unique & support the local craftsmen and suppliers, because I truly believe in supporting local business and the quality of the materials.

 When you purchase art from me and Thunder, we hope that these small details translate into a piece that you will keep in your space for years.

 Generally, about my art style, I love to work  and combine different materials and techniques. My favorite style is the hyperrealism and street art with contemporary elements.

 I love experiment with different styles and techniques so I can every time create something unique and beautiful for all of you.

 I work with projects, that means every year I am trying to create a couple of Original Paintings and limited editions Fine Art Prints. At the same time, I also add more limited editions artworks.

 Each year with my team, we organize Art Exhibitions & Open studio days, where you can visit and meet us or purchase your favorite artwork. Thunder is always with me and our events-studio is pet friendly.

*® Lef Pel established 2023*.